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What Are The Aspects Of Using A Mobile Phone Wireless Charger?

With the popularity of wireless charging technology on mobile phones, many friends holding mobile phones that support wireless charging, naturally want to buy a wireless charger experience. So what do you need to pay attention to when using a wireless charger?

1. Remove the thick phone case and keep away from magnetic substances.

First of all, in general, most wireless charging transmission distances are usually between 5mm and 8mm. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to when wearing a mobile phone case is thickness. Especially for those with 3D three-dimensional decoration on the mobile phone case, it will definitely affect the charging efficiency.

Secondly, since wireless charging uses the principle of magnetic field induction to charge the mobile phone, if a magnetic stand, magnetic protective cover or metal object is placed between the mobile phone and the charger, the performance of the charger may be degraded. If you have these sensitive items in your protective case, remove them before charging to make sure they are not between the back of the phone and the charger.

2. Keep away from high temperature and water source areas

When the mobile phone is charging, whether it is charging with a traditional charger or using wireless charging, there will be some heating phenomenon. This is normal because there will be a loss of electric energy during the charging process, and this part of the electric energy will be converted into heat. Keep your phone and charger warm. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid high temperature environment when using wireless charging, and it is best to buy a wireless charger with cooling function.

Wireless charger

3. When purchasing wireless charging, you should pay attention to whether the product has passed Qi certification.

Currently, the electronic products that support wireless charging are mostly based on the Qi standard. At present, more than 90 mobile phones including Apple, Samsung and Nokia have passed the Qi standard certification. Products that are certified by the WPC Alliance will be marked with the word "Qi", meaning that the charger has been tested, safe and in line with the Qi standard. For the normal use of the device and to eliminate safety hazards, please use the Qi-certified wireless charging accessory.