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The Latest Charging Treasure Purchase Guide

Mobile power is also known as charging treasure. Mobile power products have solved the problem of outdoor charging and mobile charging in the era of generally poor mobile phone life. However, due to the huge market demand, there is a certain amount of shoddy mobile power in the market, which greatly damages the vital interests of consumers. So what brand of mobile power is good? How to buy the charging treasure correctly? The home of the battery life is briefly introduced for everyone.

First of all, you should briefly understand some basic knowledge about mobile power, such as the construction of mobile power, performance indicators, security and so on.

The mobile power supply is mainly composed of three parts: a battery core, a circuit board, and a casing. The battery core is mainly responsible for storing electric energy. The battery core mainly consists of lithium ion battery core and lithium polymer battery core; the circuit board is responsible for charge and discharge management and safety protection; and the outer casing mainly functions as a package and protects internal components.

Secondly, you should know the tips for purchasing a mobile power supply, such as which mobile power supply is safer and more durable.

In general, polymer cells are safer than lithium-ion cells and have a longer cycle life. Many high-end smartphones use lithium polymer batteries. There are also a lot of mobile phones that support the fast charging function. There are also a lot of fast charging mobile power supplies on the market. If your mobile phone supports fast charging, you may wish to purchase a mobile power supply that supports the corresponding fast charging function. The casing of the mobile power supply mainly has two kinds of plastic casings and metal casings. The plastic casing is lighter. The metal casing is better in texture but too hard. If the rounded edge design is not used, the mobile phone is easily scratched.

The brand is still very important when purchasing mobile power. It is recommended that you buy mobile power products of common big brands. The big brands have very rich technical experience in the design, research and development and production of mobile power. They are more professional in the production, quality inspection and after-sales of mobile power.

The purchase of mobile power needs to start from their own needs, how to charge their own needs, need a mobile power supply with a large capacity, what features are needed, and consumers must weigh themselves.