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Lithium Battery How To Save Is The Key

Photography into the popular, how to save the camera lithium battery is the key, now photography has become a hobby, you can record their own feelings.

1, usually for the first time to use the rechargeable battery (or for several months did not use the rechargeable battery) charge, lithium rechargeable battery must be more than 6 hours, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries must be more than 14 hours, or later charge Battery life will be shorter. When the rechargeable battery and residual power, try not to repeat the charge to ensure that the battery life. The same time as the above-

2, the use of the process to avoid over discharge situation. Overdischarge is a power consumption over the limit. Otherwise even if the recharging, its capacity can not be fully restored, the rechargeable battery is a damage. Due to over discharge will lead to rechargeable battery charging efficiency, capacity reduction, for this camcorder are equipped with rechargeable battery alarm function. So in the event of such a situation should be replaced when the rechargeable battery, try not to let the battery exhausted and make the camcorder automatically shut down. The same time as the above-

3, if you do not use the camera for a long time, you must remove the rechargeable battery from the camera or charger, and its full discharge, and then stored in a dry, cool environment, and try to avoid the rechargeable battery and the general Metal items are stored together. In order to avoid short circuit problems with the rechargeable battery, use the protective cover to store it when the rechargeable battery is not in use. The same time as the above-

4, usually in the purchase of the machine, the sales of MM will tell you to say that three full discharge and then charge, each time to be sufficient to activate the battery twelve hours, in fact, this is the concept of nickel before the era of lithium itself by the active synthesis Material composition, memory is not good, this approach is only harmful to it. The use of lithium when you do not care what enough to put enough problems, many local tests have shown that only harmless, generally try not to use the power shortage to shut down before charging, as long as the power grid can not be charged, -5 hours is appropriate, not more than 5 hours, otherwise the battery is harmful, many times more than twelve hours of charging will greatly reduce the lithium battery life and power, standby time reduced. As the lithium battery itself is not strong, so as long as a month or so to complete a full discharge can be. The same time as the above-

5, the use of the camera battery, the battery should pay attention to the critical discharge instructions, when the battery voltage dropped to a certain critical value, the battery should be replaced, if you continue to use, due to excessive discharge caused by battery damage. The same time as the above-

6, charging: After shooting, to charge the battery in time, the use of special charger, when the indicator light from red to green, said the battery has been 70%, green light and then continue to charge 1 hour, you can stop charging. Such as charging time is too long, will cause the battery heat, this will shorten its life. The same time as the above-

7, storage. The camera battery should be kept away from heat, prevent short circuit, impact and moisture, and can not be put together with chemicals. The same time as the above-

8, the new battery for the first time charging, the charging lamp is turned off after the battery should be on the charger to continue charging at least 6 hours. When using the charger to charge, the charge indicator light is off, the general battery is only filled with about 90%, it is recommended to continue charging 40 minutes. The same time as the above-

9, nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries have a memory effect, each charge should be used before the camera or other ways to completely discharge the battery before charging, otherwise it will cause the battery capacity. Lithium battery has no memory effect, but it is recommended to recharge the battery and then recharge. Now the digital cameras are equipped with a lithium battery, this battery should be in the case of battery power for long-term preservation, and every three months or so a charge and discharge. The same time as the above-

10, if a high-quality lithium battery charging cycle is 500 times, and we use half to fill once, that the total can be charged 1000 times. Therefore, the lithium battery life and the battery's total charge power, and the number of times has nothing to do, rechargeable lithium battery charge or with the charge for the impact of its life is not much difference. Therefore, DV camcorders use lithium battery pack to facilitate the main, with the use of the charge do not have to worry about life. The same time as the above-

11, DV camcorder lithium battery Note: First, do not use more than 35 ° C in the environment using lithium battery or charge the battery, the daily preservation of the battery should not be placed in the place where the temperature is too high; Second, in low temperature environment such as 4 ° C below the use of lithium batteries, the battery will reduce the use of time, and low temperature environment may not charge power; Third, if you do not often use lithium, it is best to complete a monthly lithium battery charge cycle, Charge once.