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Talking about the lithium battery-related subject matter and this year operation

Lithium lithium is divided into mineral and Salt Lake brines in two ways. Only the difference is the process, the final product is industrial-grade lithium carbonate. Further processing of the industrial-grade lithium carbonate, Lithium hydroxide is (typically used for mechanical industries), battery grade lithium carbonate (for cathode material), lithium fluoride (the next step into lithium hexafluorophosphate, is the electrolyte material), high purity lithium carbonate (chemical industry)

First look at the lithium,

1, lithium industry is no doubt the NO1 all day, mine, 27500 tonnes a year, interest reserves of 4.7 million tons. So people more than more than 100 price high, high and transfer. Tightly pinch the top of the supply chain.