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How much power can you charge with a 2600 mAh mobile power supply?

  The output conversion rate of mobile power is also a reference for assessing the quality of mobile power. The conversion rate of most mobile power products on the market is generally between 75% and 85%. The second is based on the capacity of your mobile phone battery. And the quality of mobile phones, the mobile phone also has the concept of conversion rate when charging, because the phone when the phone is charging the same circuit board will also lose some of the electricity, just because the mobile phone itself is charging some hot phenomenon, this is the mobile phone consumption The conversion of electricity into heat energy is mostly caused by the conversion rate of 70%-80% for most mobile phones. For example, use a mobile phone charger to charge the mobile phone with 1 degree of electricity. Actually, the mobile phone is actually charged with 0.75 charges, and there are 0.25. Electricity is lost by the phone circuit board!

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 The formula is Number of Charges = (AXBXC)/D

 A is the mobile power capacity, B is the mobile power conversion rate (75%-85%), C is the mobile conversion rate (70%-80%), D is the mobile phone battery capacity! That is, the first three are multiplied and divided by the mobile phone battery capacity!

 Assume that the conversion rate is 80%, then inferred, if you charge 1500MA battery 4 times, the mobile power capacity should be - 9375MA, which is about 10000MA mobile power!